Who We Are

Our Mission

"To maintain the safety, well being, and quality of life for the residents and visitors to the Township of Eastampton, the Eastampton Township Police Department is committed to staying at the leading edge of Law Enforcement principles and practices. We are the standard for others to strive for."

About Us

The Eastampton Township Police Department encompasses 17 full-time, and four part-time employees. Located in Central Burlington County, the department provides comprehensive 24-hour police services to the residents and visitors to its' 5.62 square mile borders.

Department History

In the 1950's, the residents of Eastampton Township felt that a need for law enforcement existed in the municipality. Consequently, a constable was appointed to work as the township's first "lawman". Phil Crusco, the last constable to work in Eastampton, used his own vehicle and supplied all of his own equipment at the time. On May 31, 1965, the Township Committee of the Township of Eastampton, now known as the Eastampton Township Council, created the first "official" police department within the municipality by ordinance. At that time, the organization was largely composed of part-time police officers appointed to their posts. During a period when the township was mainly composed of rural homesteads and farms, the first part-time Chief of Police was appointed: William "Bill" Clark . Along with Chief Clark were officers Jim Pippin, Charles "Charlie" Craig, and Albert Goldacker. Soon afterwards, Ron Wells and John Hunt joined the force of part-time officers. It was during the 1960's that the township investigated it's first recorded homicide at Emily's Tavern in the Turpentine section of town.

In January 1970, with the departure of Jim Pippin and Al Goldacker for the creation of their own private investigation business, two new officers were brought on to the police department: Gerald Mingin and Edward Hunt, Jr. The appointment of these two officers would be the beginning of a new era for policing in Eastampton Township.

When Officers Mingin and Hunt began their duties for the department, which was still part-time, all criminal investigations were handled by the New Jersey State Police since no formal training was really required of municipal officers in the township. Officers primarily handled motor vehicle collisions not involving injuries, complaints of juveniles riding motorcycles in the woods owned by local farmers, and security escorts of the local school buses in town. Dispatched initially from Mt. Holly Township, the part-time police department operated out of a single room at the current location of the police department and operated a 1968 Dodge Coronet that was parked nightly at Chief Clark's residence in Maple Hills Estates. The actual catalyst in the creation of a full-time police department during the early 1970's was the residents' insistence upon the daily school bus escorts. As a result, "Jerry" Mingin was hired as the first full-time police officer and worked 50 hours a week for an annual salary of $5,000.00.

In the 1980's, the Eastampton Township Police Department would become a fully functioning, full service police departmet. After the hire of the first full time police officer, Gerald Mingin, he rose through the ranks and continued to lay the foundation of the police department as it sits today, having become its longtime Chief of Police.

In the 2000's, Chief Jerry Mingin would retire and turn the reigns over to longtime Detective, Chris Muraglia where he preached professionalism as a primary goal and objective of the members of the police department. The Eastampton Township Police Department now incorporates several specialized units and offers numerous community services. The Eastampton Police Fraternal Order of Police, Lodge 146 was chartered in January 1998. Through the progress of our organization, we have begun to experience the retirement of many of the charter members of the first full-time police department in Eastampton.

As it stands, a new regime has begun with our very own Chief Joseph Iacovitti. As the times have progressed, our department continues to develop and adapt new ways of policing led by our new Chief. His tenure has already been landmarked with moving the police department from its original building at 725 Smithville Road, to now 1380 Woodlane Road, a more centralized location that enables our officers to adequately respond to calls. We as a department share the same enthusiasm for this township as our Chief and look forward to continuing to provide the utmost professionalism to our citizens.

Uniform History

ETPD's Original Uniforms

ETPD origins began with the colors of brown and yellow. These Class A uniforms debuted with leather gear, and metallic badges.

Changing of the Colors

ETPD transitioned to blue Class A Uniforms with leather gear. Additionally a new patch was created which displayed the state of New Jersey and a red star signifying Eastampton's location.

Modernized Leather Gear

As times progressed, ETPD updated its patch to the one displayed to the right in the picture to which it still stands today. The wheat and stars were then taken out of the old patch patch which is displayed to the left in the picture. Patrols have since switched over to Class B uniforms for patrols which includes nylon gear, a departure from the traditional leather gear in years' past, and also have sewn patches.

Debut of Outercarrier

In 2019 ETPD transitioned to the outercarrier. In an age of modernizing and evolving equipment, officers have been enabled to transition equipment that was worn on a duty belt to now on the outercarrier. The shift in weight from a duty belt to the outercarrier provides greater balance to the officer in the performance of his duties and provides relief in the back and hip areas. Ranking officers' outercarriers are labeled in gold and patrolman now don the silver "POLICE", nameplate, and badge. Additionally patrols now wear the long standing "French blue" in the winter months and the navy polo in the summer/fall months.