Chief Joseph Iacovitti

"I have been with the Eastampton Township Police Department since 1998. I have been committed to providing the best in customer service to the residents of this township and their guests and to provide the community with a family type atmosphere. As your Chief, I will continue to instill those values in each and every officer that service this great community. I look forward to a bright future, for many years to come."

About Chief Iacovitti

Appointed as Chief of Police for the Eastampton Township Police Department in May 2017, Chief Iacovitti's responsibilities range of imporantance is immeasurable. As chief of police his duties include finances for the police department, overseeing duties for patrols, and overall adminsitration of complete and proper police techniques of the police department. Chief Iacovitti began his law enforcement career in the field of corrections. Determined in his ways to see it through to become a police officer, he worked for Burlington Township Police Department both as a Class I and Class II with part time positions before receiving an offer to work full time for Eastampton. As a police officer for Eastampton, Chief Iacovitti has been named officer of the year multiple times, received the rank as Sergeant, Lieutenant, and of course now Chief. Chief Iacovitti has used his strong work ethic, loyalty, and commitment to excellence to achieve the position he has earned today. It is these core values that he has instilled amongst our department that makes us believe in him. As Township Manager Eric Schubiger was quoted saying at his swearing in, "Chief Iacovitti has been able to connect the badge to the community" and for this it is true. His actions of community policing that he has set forth is something that we all have strived to duplicate. It is that open line of communication that he has enabled, which sets a precedence in working for a community that cares so much for its department.

Office Of The Chief Of Police

Eastampton Township Police Department

1380 Woodlane Road, Eastampton, NJ 08060

Office: (609) 261-1717