News Releases
Date                Type of Offense / Event
11/18/10 Obtaining Prescription Medication by Fraud
Sgt. Sawyer arrested 24 year old Brandy Evan of Josh Lane Southampton after she entered the CVS Pharmacy and attempted to obtain 120 Oxycotin Pills with a fraudulent prescription pad. She was taken into custody at the scene and taken to Eastampton Twp. Police headquarters where she was processed and released after posting $2,500.00 cash bail. A court hearing is pending.
11/6/10 Impersonating a Police Officer
On this date a motorist stopped another motorist on Powell Rd. and identified himself as a Police Officer. The unknown subject provided no identification. This occurred after an apparent dispute over a driving incident. The subject is described as a black male, driving an unmarked copper/brown Chevy sedan, with a trunk mounted antenna base. If anyone has information please contact the Police Department.
11/1/10 Copper Theft
Sometime between October 27th and October 29th, unknown subject(s) removed $7000.00 in Copper pipes from the construction site at #6 Parker Blvd. There are no suspects at this time.
10/30/10 Drug Arrest / Burglary
Ptl. Daniel Snyder arrested (7) juvenile suspects after they had entered a vacant property to smoke marijuana. They were taken to the Police station processed, and released to their parents.
9/27/10 Eastampton Police supports Breast Cancer Awareness
In an effort to raise awareness of breast cancer during October. The men and women of Eastampton Police will be wearing a pink ribbon decal on their uniforms throughout the month. This ribbon is recognized nationally to symbolize breast cancer awareness.
9/25/10 Theft
Unknown actor(s) removed $2000.00 in concrete lawn statues from a victims residence at #2437 Rt. 206. There are no suspects at this time. Detectives are investigating.
8/11/10 Theft
Unknown actors broke into a residents vehicle at 15 Christopher Lane and removed a Tom-Tom brand GPS unit valued at $150.00. Detectives are investigating.
8/6/10 Burglary / Theft
Unknown actors(s) burglarized a Township owned property at #7 Knightsbridge Rd. and removed two tower speakers while within the structure. Detectives are investigating.

Hindering own Apprehension
Police Sergeant Joseph Iacovitti arrested Willingboro resident Alan Moore of 49 Eastgate Lane after he gave a false name while on a motor vehicle stop. The accused was arrested and processed and lodged in Burlington County jail in default of $2,500.00 bail